Terrifying Michael Jackson 'Momo-style' meme video warning issued


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The clip posted online features the zombie-like Jackson as his hits are played out in the background

A 'Momo style' Michael Jackson video which warns that a bizarre figure dressed as the dead singer will appear in "your bedroom at 3am" and scream his trademark "hee hee" has sent the Mexican cops into a tizzy. The 'El Ayuwoki' meme - which comes from the Jackson song 'Smooth Criminal' - has also prompted the police in the Mexican state of Baja California Sur to send out messages to panicky residents that it is just a hoax.

The clip posted online features the zombie-like Jackson as his hits are played out in the background. The creepy figure's head moves slowly from side-to-side; the camera zooms in and shows the statue's scary eyes - creating an aura of horror.
The meme originated in 2009, the year Michael Jackson died, when a video of the statue performing Jackson-esque moves appeared online, according to a report in the Mirror. The image of the statue has now been used for the meme, it said.

The police statement says: "Although a lot of people believe this is a kind of demon or ghost from the Internet, there is nothing supernatural in this matter.
"The kids and teenagers are looking to share it and believe in it because it is trendy, which could generate sleep issues, panic or anxiety."

Argentinian news website, Infobae, said that the creators of the statue explained that the animated sculpture was made to represent Elvis Presley but for an unknown reason it ended up dressed as the King of Pop, a report in Mailonline pointed out.

Meanwhile, the El Ayuwoki meme - which has gone viral - is evoking a huge response on social media, with one user even posting a picture of himself wielding a gun in bed waiting for 'Jackson' to make an appearance.